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Contradictions are confusing

25 Nov

In the same area where the Ministry or Forest and the EU observed illegal logging by SGSOC, the Minter of Forests has apparently granted an authorization to cut down additional trees and plant palm oil saplings. Interesting that they get to illegally log and conduct business all in the same place.

Ministry of Forest Authorization For SGSOC to Log – same location as illegal logging (see the last post)


Illegal logging? I think so!

25 Nov

The EU’s Independent Forest Observer has found SG Sustainable Oils in Cameroon (SGSOC) is illegally logging. As these docs show, the EU believes these actions justify a 24,506,000 CFA fine.

EU Independent Forest Observer – Report on SGSOC Illegal Logging

EU Independent Forest Observer – Study Comparison Table

As these show, SGSOC decided to disregard the Ministry of Forest’s convocation, which is itself a violation of the law.


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