Interesting report from the Government of Cameroon

12 Apr

Interesting report from the government of Cameroon. Does Herakles use bribery to acquire land? Answer on page 7. Enjoy the pictures at the end too…

03_01_2013_Report fact finding mission SGSOC

Contradictions are confusing

25 Nov

In the same area where the Ministry or Forest and the EU observed illegal logging by SGSOC, the Minter of Forests has apparently granted an authorization to cut down additional trees and plant palm oil saplings. Interesting that they get to illegally log and conduct business all in the same place.

Ministry of Forest Authorization For SGSOC to Log – same location as illegal logging (see the last post)


Illegal logging? I think so!

25 Nov

The EU’s Independent Forest Observer has found SG Sustainable Oils in Cameroon (SGSOC) is illegally logging. As these docs show, the EU believes these actions justify a 24,506,000 CFA fine.

EU Independent Forest Observer – Report on SGSOC Illegal Logging

EU Independent Forest Observer – Study Comparison Table

As these show, SGSOC decided to disregard the Ministry of Forest’s convocation, which is itself a violation of the law.


Cameroon Veritas

What was not public, now is!

5 Jan

SG Sustainable Oils in Cameroon (SGSOC) has signed up to the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) Principles and the Equator Principles to attract international investors to their palm oil project. 

RSPO requires companies to conduct numerous studies to ensure compliance with their social/environmental guidelines. 

Below we have the pleasure to share three impact assessments completed by SGSOC.  None of these documents were ever made public by SGSOC or its parent company…

What exactly are they trying to hide? Forced displacement, high conservation value forest destruction, endangered species impacted?

SG Fauna and Flora EIA

SG Flora Survey

SG High Conservation Value Assessment

SGSOC Memorandum of Understanding

20 Dec

SG Sustainable Oils in Cameroon (SGSOC) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with villages impacted by its palm plantation.  Considering the favorable terms of SGSOC’s contract, will the promises made in these MOUs become reality?

SG MOUs with Communities

The Public Deserves To Know

18 Oct

One does not look like the other…interesting

15 Oct

Take a look at these two documents. Environmental and social impact assessments are always interesting. They are especially interesting when the version released to the public is different from the version created by the consulting group that performed the study…

SGSOC ESIA Original – Version not released to the public – 320 pages

SGSOC ESIA approved by CMR – Public version approved by Cameroon’s Environmental Ministry – only 299 pages

Where did those 21 pages go?


Check out which version Herakles Capital posted on the site (hint: not the original one)


Sustainable Oils Cameroon Meeting Minutes

1 Aug

10-12-28 SG Sustainable Oils Cameroon Minutes of meeting

Make sure to check out the maps on pages 5, 6, and 7



What do you see? US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act violation maybe?

1 Aug

SGSOC convention 

Here you will find a signed agreement between Sithe Global, a New York based company (operating as SG Sustainable Oils in Cameroon), and the Government of Cameroon for the purpose of developing a palm oil plantation.

Given the terms of this contract, do you see a possible US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act violation?